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Troy Talk - MAY 2022

Troy Talk May
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The League of Idaho Cities proudly presents...


...and you are INVITED to JOIN!


We will learn to work in tandem to shine light on:

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Suicide Prevention

  • Youth Leadership

  • Building Community Capacity Tools and Resources

What's Included...

  • 90 Minute Program (Teens 9-12 Grade Encouraged to attend)

  • Gain New Skills with Music Therapist Audrey Draper

  • Create or Strengthen a Youth Council to Improve Your City

  • Learn Ways to Identify a Peer who may be Struggling

  • Get Access to Multiple Mental Health Resources

  • Receive a Take Home Toolkit

  • Food & Beverage Provided

For more info & to register call (208) 835-2741 or CLICK HERE


Announcing the arrival of the fabulous month of May! YES! A month best known for the arrival of bountiful flowers, the start of the gardening season and so much more! Known in Britain as the National Smile Month, May is the door to summer, and with it comes beer-gardens, BBQs, and kick-a-bouts at the park – a good reason for anybody to smile.

May is also the month of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and all sorts of other fun designated days of celebrations and events. Let's take a look:

  • May 4th – Star Wars Day

Go without saying, this one should, but say it for you I will. May the fourth be with you.

Today is the day that all wings report in, that Order 66 is executed, the day that there is an awakening in The Force. Kick back and enjoy a great excuse (as if you need one) to watch something – anything – Star Wars. Just keep your lightsaber handy, you never know when you’ll need it.

  • May 8th – No Socks Day.

Today is day all about freedom of movement… for your toes. That’s right people, ditch the socks, go barefoot, and feel the freedom of the wind upon your feet.

  • May 9th – Lost Sock Memorial Day.

What a perfect day to follow No Socks Day. Today we spare a thought for the fallen brothers of our sock drawers, and those lonely single socks sitting there without their companions. Missing socks, you are gone but not forgotten.

  • May 15th – Chocolate Chip Day.

You get them in pretty much anything sweet and baked – muffins, cookies, brownies – chocolate chips have lived in the desert world ever since making their appearance first in cookies in 1937. So grab a cookie, muffin or brownie and enjoy the divine power of the chocolate chip!

WHERE? Dumpster Station. Enter from Highway 99 and talk with a Fire Department Volunteer on where to proceed to unload your waste.


  • Solid Waste - Cardboard, Insulation, Plastics, Household, Electronics

  • Demo - Construction Materials, Carpet, Glass, Furniture

  • Brush (Compostable) - Tree limbs, Yard waste, hay, straw (self-service)

  • Scrap metal - Appliances, Lawn Mowers, BBQ's (all fluids must be removed)

  • NO TVs and Monitors

Hazardous materials of any kind WILL NOT be accepted. These include: solvents, paints, stains, flammables, herbicides, insecticides, antifreeze, car batteries etc. These must be delivered to Latah Sanitation on the appropriate days.

Troy Fire Department Volunteers will be available for picking up waste for those citizens who need assistance. Arrangements may be made through Troy City Hall by calling (208) 835-2741.The collection of waste is the discretion of the volunteers and some materials may not be accepted.

The City of Troy greatly appreciates the volunteers from the Troy Fire Department that assist with making this community event possible. The city asks that you respect that they are volunteers and thank them accordingly.

Donations to the Troy Volunteer Fire Department are encouraged but not required.

Burn Permits are required from MAY 10 to OCT 20 every year for the burning of trash, lumber, yard waste, straw, papers or any other combustible material . Permits are FREE and can be obtained at City Hall. If you would like more info, please call 208.835.2741Open burning is allowed for garden waste, tree trimmings, and brush only. ( City Code 3-5-6)



May is already here, and soon it will be summer! I am busy working on the Troy Community Library’s Summer Reading Program. I have some fun stuff planned, so stay tuned. The Summer Reading Program begins in June and runs through July. The May STEAM Take-away Activity is 3-D insect puzzles; you will fall to pieces for these puzzles. The activity will be available starting on May 18th. These activities are geared towards elementary-age kiddos. Supplies are limited, to-go activities are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have questions about anything happening at the library this month, please call Michelle Sturdy at 208-835-4311or email


All Vehicles, Campers, Trailers and Boats that have been parked at the City overflow parking lot over the winter need to be moved no later than: MAY 15, 2022


NOTICE: If at any time you notice recycling bins full or almost full please let City Hall know by calling 208.835.2741 We truly appreciate it ♥


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