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The League of Idaho Cities proudly presents...


...and you are INVITED to JOIN!

** This event is open to the public & high-school-aged youth are encouraged to attend **

MAY 12, 2022

Troy Lions Hall - 5 P.M - 7P.M

The League of Idaho Cities proudly presents "The Tandem Tour" Teaching high school aged youth to work in tandem and shine light on:

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Youth Leadership


What's Included...

  • 90 Minute Program (Teens 9-12 Grade Encouraged to attend)

  • Click here to download the Parent Permission Slip

  • Gain New Skills with Music Therapist Audrey Draper

  • Create or Strengthen a Youth Council to Improve Your City

  • Learn Ways to Identify a Peer who may be Struggling

  • Get Access to Multiple Mental Health Resources

  • Receive a Take Home Toolkit

  • Food & Beverage Provided


We have 25 take-home toolkits

Discussion Topics

  • Why talking about mental health is important

  • Benefits of taking care of our mental health

  • Signs that our mental health may need external support (as they apply to ourselves and others)

  • How to disclose vulnerable feelings to others, and who to disclose to 

  • Appropriate ways to initiate soft start conversations with others when we are concerned about their mental health

  • Brief overview of types of people working in mental health

  • Discussion about when we might seek therapy services

  • Therapy accessibility

  • Speaker’s personal experiences receiving therapy services (in-person and online) and Q&A

  • Information and take-home tools to support the development of coping skills 

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Presentation Elements:

  • Slideshow with information

  • Group Discussion

  • Two interactive music experiences

  • Therapy Q&A

  • Mental health communication guidelines (included in the toolkit)

  • Wellness workbook (included in the toolkit)

  • Therapeutic activity/coping skill tools (included in the toolkit)

  • Resource list (included in the toolkit)

Disclaimer: This is NOT a music therapy session. It is a presentation about mental health conducted BY a music therapist. The music therapist will be conducting the presentation in a speaker capacity. Trigger Warning: Please note that this presentation is about mental health. We will be touching on various mental health topics including anxiety, depression, suicide, panic attacks, and reference of other mental health challenges. There will be no graphic depictions or descriptions, only discussion.

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