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Code Enforcement in the City of Troy is dedicated to respectfully promoting community safety, well-being, and values.


  • We value the health, safety, and welfare of our community.

  • We believe in neighborliness and respectful interactions.

  • We believe education is an integral part of enforcement.

  • We acknowledge individual, as well as community property rights.


The City of Troy responds to anonymous complaints, neighborhood complaints, complaints via email and telephone. In addition, random patrols may be conducted to locate violations and enforcement initiatives.

Limitations of Code Enforcement


The City's Code Enforcement Officer will assist the public in any way possible in accordance with his authority. However, some enforcement issues may require referral to a different agency such as emergency situations that threaten human life or property and demand immediate attention, private disputes between neighbors in addition to situations which are not specifically addressed in the City Code.

Why is Code Enforcement important?


  • Code Enforcement is for the common good.

  • Rules and regulations have been enacted by the City to help ensure a peaceful and enjoyable community for everyone.

  • Code enforcement strives to protect the safety and welfare of Troy residents

  • Reduces vandalism

Common Violations

  • Junk, debris and inoperable equipment in public view

  • Unmaintained landscaping

  • Illegal parking

  • Dogs off-leash

  • Use of RV's and Campers as a permanent residence

  • Unpermitted or prohibited signs

  • Unpermitted construction

  • Illegal dumping

  • Livestock and Rooster violations

  • Obstruction of public right-of-ways

Before reporting a code violation, please make sure that the violating address is within city limits. Complaints are investigated in the order they are submitted and as resources allow.  Potential violations which may pose threats to public health and safety take priority.

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