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Troy Talk - June 2022

Troy Talk June
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June is an exciting month in Troy! Several City streets will be getting repaired & paved as part of the 2022 Roadwork Projects. The streets are as follows:

  • Castle Lane

  • B St.

  • 5th St.

  • Front St.

  • Bentz St.

Big Meadow Rd. will be chip sealed. Additionally, new automated meter readers are also scheduled to be installed this summer in several neighborhoods. Automated readers will eliminate the need to estimate water usage during the winter months. New meters would allow for actual readings rather than estimated readings.


Troy Preschool would like to give a huge Shout-Out to Little Moose Prints for our field trip showing us the cool things your shop does and for the amazing water bottles!! Thank you!

Your Latah County Arts & Culture Committee provided partial

funding for this project

"Play On!" is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.



The City Maintenance Dept. works hard to keep the park looking good for the summer. The vanities, soap & paper towel dispensers have been upgraded in both bathrooms. Unfortunately, there have been several occasions where the soap dispenser has been ripped off the wall. Please spread the word: VANDALISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED & whoever is responsible will be held accountable. If this continues, we will have no choice but to permanently lock the bathrooms.


Celebration of Life

A celebration of life for Eleanor (Heye) Aske and Dorothy (Heye) Smith will be held on June 25th at the Troy Adventist Church, 1158 Big Meadow Rd. from 2PM - 4 PM

WHERE? Dumpster Station. Enter from Highway 99 and talk with a Fire Department Volunteer on where to proceed to unload your waste.


  • Solid Waste - Cardboard, Insulation, Plastics, Household, Electronics

  • Demo - Construction Materials, Carpet, Glass, Furniture

  • Brush (Compostable) - Tree limbs, Yard waste, hay, straw (self-service)

  • Scrap metal - Appliances, Lawn Mowers, BBQ's (all fluids must be removed)

  • NO TVs and Monitors

Hazardous materials of any kind WILL NOT be accepted. These include: solvents, paints, stains, flammables, herbicides, insecticides, antifreeze, car batteries etc. These must be delivered to Latah Sanitation on the appropriate days.

Troy Fire Department Volunteers will be available for picking up waste for those citizens who need assistance. Arrangements may be made through Troy City Hall by calling (208) 835-2741.The collection of waste is the discretion of the volunteers and some materials may not be accepted.

The City of Troy greatly appreciates the volunteers from the Troy Fire Department that assist with making this community event possible. The city asks that you respect that they are volunteers and thank them accordingly.

Donations to the Troy Volunteer Fire Department are encouraged but not required.

Burn Permits are required from MAY 10 to OCT 20 every year for the burning of trash, lumber, yard waste, straw, papers or any other combustible material . Permits are FREE and can be obtained at City Hall. If you would like more info, please call 208.835.2741Open burning is allowed for garden waste, tree trimmings, and brush only. ( City Code 3-5-6)



NOTICE: If at any time you notice recycling bins full or almost full please let City Hall know by calling 208.835.2741 We truly appreciate it ♥


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