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A Community Outreach Workshop


Troy School Multi-Purpose Room

The ISP Fentanyl Education Project is designed to educate participants about the dangers Fentanyl poses to our community, particularly our young people.

During the presentation, seasoned members of the ISP Investigations Division will provide insight into how Fentanyl makes its way into our communities, why it is so dangerous, and what police are doing about the crisis. The presenters will utilize a mix of mediums, including videos, statistics, and first-hand accounts of the damage Fentanyl is causing throughout Idaho and the United States.

Guest Speaker: Captain John Kempf

Captain John Kempf began his career as a Trooper with the Idaho State Police in 1997 and was promoted to Detective in 2000, where his primary focus was narcotics investigations. During his time in investigations, John lead and participated in hundreds of narcotic cases ranging from street-level investigations to complex conspiracy and federal wire tape cases, as well as homicide and officer-involved shooting / critical incidents.


In 2008 John was promoted to Sergeant in the District 5 office and supervised a narcotics unit whose primary focus was mid to upper-level drug traffickers. In 2015 John was promoted to Lieutenant of the District 6 Investigations office, where he managed all aspects of investigations.


John is a certified expert witness on drug investigations in both state

and federal court and is one of the lead instructors and organizers of the Idaho Basic Narcotics Officers Course. John is a POST-certified instructor who regularly teaches at the Idaho State Police Advanced Training Course, the Idaho Basic Narcotics Officers Course, as well as conducting training for law enforcement officers around the country in drug investigations and supervision. John has received numerous accolades for his law enforcement efforts including a U.S. Department of Justice Award for Public Service, Certificate of Merit from the Governor of Idaho, and Outstanding Supervisor award from the Idaho State Police. John has also been awarded the Idaho State Police Silver Star and the Idaho Medal of Honor for Bravery.

Guest Speaker: Darrell Keim


Darrell Keim is the Founding Executive Director of the Latah Recovery Center. Darrell has Over twenty years of relevant experience working with nonprofit and state organizations. Has worked in this field for over ten years.  Awarded the “Idaho Star” award for work starting two local recovery community centers and more recently the 2021 Idaho Mental Health Month Advocate Award. 

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