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Troy Talk - October 2021

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The City of Troy has(3) individuals running for Troy City Council

Voters will be asked to vote for TWO (2) of the following candidates during the

election on November 2,2021

Current Councilman: Mike Yenney

(Elected November 2017):

Mike grew up in Deary and has lived in Troy for 32 years. He is married to his wife Mary and together they have raised three boys. Mike works in the Timber Industry and has always been active in the community. He has served on the City Council for 23 years and brings a great deal of knowledge to the council. Mike is conservative and values his position as an elected official and looking out for the best interests of the city of Troy and its patrons who are one of the same. If he is elected for council he will continue to serve Troy the same way he has done for the last 23 years putting the citizens and community as his priority.

Current Councilman: Patrick Cordova

(Appointed by Mayor & Council 2020):

Patrick Cordova has been living in Troy with Liz for the last 5 years where they run a local business, the Latah Print Shop. Aside from printing, Patrick's background includes working with computers, electronics, various machinery, and production equipment. During their time here, Patrick has been involved with many local community organizations, events, and fundraisers. In 2020, he was appointed a position on the Troy City Council where he currently serves. Prior to being appointed, he regularly attended Council meetings and trainings for city elected officials. For the past 4 years, he has been a member of the Troy Lions Club and currently holds a position on the board of directors. Patrick looks forward to continuing to serve on the City Council where he feels he can most effectively help and support the community while also preserving the character and history of Troy.

Running Candidate: Toni Salerno

(Candidate for November 2021 Election):

Toni, a former high school teacher, moved to Troy 16 years ago to relocate to a safe community to raise her daughters Brianna & Alyssa who attended and then graduated from the Troy School District. Toni and her husband Zach run a family owned business "Palouse Juice" and live in Troy with their 3 younger daughters who attend school in Troy . Toni has always been involved in numerous community projects & local events. Additionally, she has served on various committees and boards with her strength being in cooperation and communication. Toni is running for city council to serve the community while at the same time maintaining the wholesomeness and integrity of Troy.

Your Voting Location for November 2nd Consolidated Election (11/02/2021):



October is a beautiful month bringing fall into full swing with nature putting on a full display for all who step outdoors. It also means Halloween is coming up! October is even national pizza month Giving us 31 days to explore the world of pizza and all the flavors it offers! So feel free to spend October doing some major carb-loading. Pizza surfaced in 1889 when it was made for Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita on a trip in Naples. It’s been a favorite in countries all over the world since then, and it’s easy to see why.

Why don’t skeletons like parties?

Because they have no body to dance with

What do you call a nervous witch?

A twitch..

When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?

When you’re a mouse!

What do ghosts serve for dessert?

I scream.

I am wrapped but I am not a gift, I am kept neatly in a chamber and Archeologists find me as a great treasure. What am I?

Answer: A mummy.



It is already October and the autumn season, one of my favorite times of the year. It is a great time to come to the library and get books. Colder weather means it is time to hunker down with a hot drink and a good book. The October STEAM Take-away Activity is Spooky Slime. The STEAM activity will be available starting on October 20th. These activities are geared towards elementary-age kiddos. Supplies are limited, to-go activities are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't forget to come trick-or-treating at the Troy Library as well. During the last week of October, kids can trick-or-treat for books and other goodies at the library. Please stop by and show me your costumes – I love to see everybody dressed up! I hope your fall season is a good one!



Every 2nd & last Wednesday of the month

Sit down lunch at the Troy Lutheran Church Community Hall.

Troy Farmhands 4-H would like to thank the community for their generous support during the fair.


Classes: Tues. & Thur. from 9 AM-10 AM

Troy's Fit & Fall proof exercise class for seniors is FREE& will resume on May 4, 2021, at the Troy Lions Club. For everyone's safety, participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID19 or agree to wear a mask until we are past the pandemic.

For more info please contact: Karen Nelson

(208) 835-5242


NOTICE: If at any time you notice recycling bins full or almost full please let City Hall know by calling 208.835.2741 We truly appreciate it ♥


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